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Apple Inc. (AAPL)

$185.8 -7.73

41,448,886 Shares Traded
41,005,317 Average Volume (last 30 days)

As of November 19, 2018 EST IEX Real-Time Price

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Largest Trades on 11-19-2018 (15 Min Delay)

Time of Trade (EST)PriceChange From CloseSize Percent Of Average Day's VolumeChange From ~5 Min Before TradeChange From ~1 Min Before TradeExchange NamePercent of Day's Volume
9:57:10 AM$188-2.86%70,4190.17%Pro OnlyPro OnlyOff Exchange0.17%
3:37:32 PM$185.73-4.03%35,4000.09%Pro OnlyPro OnlyOff Exchange0.09%
9:55:10 AM$188.5-2.6%23,3570.06%Pro OnlyPro OnlyOff Exchange0.06%
10:40:35 AM$187.33-3.2%22,4520.05% 0.1% -0.02%Off Exchange0.05%
10:46:57 AM$187.66-3.03%21,2110.05% 0.1% -0.05%Off Exchange0.05%
12:20:36 PM$186.57-3.6%21,2110.05%Pro OnlyPro OnlyOff Exchange0.05%
1:37:03 PM$186.69-3.53%21,2110.05% 0.34% 0.05%Off Exchange0.05%
1:21:51 PM$186.14-3.82%18,7550.05% 0.03% -0.17%Off Exchange0.05%
12:46:00 PM$186.74-3.51%17,4660.04% -0.07% 0.03%Cboe EDGX0.04%
1:14:28 PM$186.02-3.88%15,8660.04% 0.13% 0.08%Off Exchange0.04%

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Largest Trades By Volume for Market for last 15 minutes

Filter: $100 million minimum market cap, 50,000 minimum average volume. 15 Minute Delay on Everything *, so last 15 minutes at 3:00 would be 2:30-2:45

SymbolPriceChangeTimeAverage VolumeTrade Size
Pro Only $29.37-1.97%3:50:39 PM523,992932,251
Pro Only $17.88-0.22%3:51:24 PM320,711771,173
SNLN$17.87-0.22%3:58:49 PM320,711667,819
BKLN$22.77-0.63%3:37:07 PM7,752,037598,000
HYG$83.04-0.29%3:47:11 PM25,087,658382,100
FDIS$40.7-2.42%3:37:28 PM578,837304,722
Pro Only $2.872.87%3:32:22 PM9,463,199297,726
IVV$270.55-1.64%3:47:14 PM5,595,710288,200
F$9.272.1%3:59:30 PM55,152,560285,620

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Apple Inc is designs, manufactures and markets mobile communication and media devices and personal computers, and sells a variety of related software, services, accessories, networking solutions and third-party digital content and applications.

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