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Apple Inc. (AAPL)

$188.77 -2.28

43,729,044 Shares Traded
26,514,563 Average Volume (last 30 days)

As of March 25, 2019 EST IEX Real-Time Price

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Largest Trades on 03-25-2019 (15 Min Delay)

Time of Trade (EST)PriceChange From CloseSize Percent Of Average Day's VolumeChange From ~5 Min Before TradeChange From ~1 Min Before TradeExchange NamePercent of Day's Volume
3:43:34 PM$188.31-1.43%24,5860.09%Pro OnlyPro OnlyOff Exchange0.06%
9:50:59 AM$188.525-1.32%21,2000.08%Pro OnlyPro OnlyOff Exchange0.05%
11:21:30 AM$189.85-0.63%21,0060.08%Pro OnlyPro OnlyCboe EDGX0.05%
10:41:38 AM$189.19-0.97%19,2320.07%Pro OnlyPro OnlyCboe EDGX0.04%
2:02:20 PM$188.12-1.53%15,0000.06%Pro OnlyPro OnlyOff Exchange0.03%
9:44:52 AM$188.73-1.21%14,9510.06%Pro OnlyPro OnlyOff Exchange0.03%
9:41:46 AM$189.95-0.58%14,9000.06%Pro OnlyPro OnlyOff Exchange0.03%
2:09:32 PM$187.66-1.77%13,5000.05%Pro OnlyPro OnlyOff Exchange0.03%
1:55:51 PM$187.9-1.65%13,3000.05%Pro OnlyPro OnlyOff Exchange0.03%
2:38:06 PM$187.7-1.75%12,8100.05%Pro OnlyPro OnlyNasdaq0.03%

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Largest Trades By Volume for Market for last 15 minutes

Filter: $100 million minimum market cap, 50,000 minimum average volume. 15 Minute Delay on Everything *, so last 15 minutes at 3:00 would be 2:30-2:45. Also, there could be another 1-5 minute delay due to our scanners scanning every five minutes.

SymbolPriceChangeTimeAverage VolumeTrade Size
Pro Only $361.19%3:35:32 PM3,049,6521,199,200
Pro Only $16.580.55%3:43:43 PM551,761399,819
WFT$0.6775-9.79%3:54:43 PM21,179,455304,238
CHK$3.09-0.64%3:54:34 PM48,727,093300,000
JNK$35.710%3:46:53 PM14,734,311250,000
SQQQ$10.3950.48%3:58:27 PM29,157,281250,000
Pro Only $27.970.07%3:47:11 PM4,439,133203,709
DHI$422.5%3:40:13 PM5,935,858198,100
DHI$422.5%3:33:45 PM5,935,858198,000

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Apple Inc is designs, manufactures and markets mobile communication and media devices and personal computers, and sells a variety of related software, services, accessories, networking solutions and third-party digital content and applications.

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