Franklin FTSE Japan (FLJP)


9,889 Shares Traded
71,485 Average Volume (last 30 days)

As of October 18, 2018 EST IEX Real-Time Price

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Largest Trades on 10-18-2018 (15 Min Delay)

Time of Trade (EST)PriceChange From CloseSize Percent Of Average Day's VolumeChange From ~5 Min Before TradeChange From ~1 Min Before TradeExchange NamePercent of Day's Volume
3:50:15 PM$25.167-1.65%1,5502.17%Pro OnlyPro OnlyOff Exchange15.67%
3:49:53 PM$25.18-1.6%9151.28%Pro OnlyPro OnlyOff Exchange9.25%
3:34:14 PM$25.119-1.84%8881.24%Pro OnlyPro OnlyOff Exchange8.98%
9:36:15 AM$25.4-0.74%3000.42% INF% 0%NYSE Arca3.03%
9:36:15 AM$25.4-0.74%3000.42% INF% 0%NYSE Arca3.03%
9:38:05 AM$25.4-0.74%3000.42%Pro OnlyPro OnlyNYSE Arca3.03%
9:59:05 AM$25.4-0.74%3000.42% INF% INF%NYSE Arca3.03%
10:00:31 AM$25.4-0.74%3000.42% -0.04% 0%NYSE Arca3.03%
10:00:55 AM$25.4-0.74%3000.42% -0.04% 0%NYSE Arca3.03%
10:01:20 AM$25.4-0.74%3000.42% INF% 0%NYSE Arca3.03%

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Largest Trades By Volume for Market for last 15 minutes

Filter: $100 million minimum market cap, 50,000 minimum average volume. 15 Minute Delay on Everything *, so last 15 minutes at 3:00 would be 2:30-2:45

SymbolPriceChangeTimeAverage VolumeTrade Size
Pro Only $35.37-0.45%3:56:33 PM13,889,1522,300,000
Pro Only $20.99-2.52%3:43:33 PM9,839,227568,357
JAG$13.9-1.85%3:30:41 PM1,192,180498,800
LQD$112.840%3:56:58 PM7,626,705301,200
WMT$96.25-0.4%3:39:37 PM7,146,618297,880
KGC$2.84-0.35%3:56:08 PM12,207,778297,748
Pro Only $35.9-1.86%3:56:14 PM1,489,792292,577
MFA$6.98-0.57%3:37:11 PM3,272,163286,944
SYMC$20.02-2.92%3:33:15 PM7,121,828250,000

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The investment seeks to provide investment results that closely correspond, before fees and expenses, to the performance of the FTSE Japan RIC Capped Index (the FTSE Japan Capped Index). Under normal market conditions, the fund invests at least 80% of its assets in the component securities of the FTSE Japan Capped Index and in depositary receipts representing such securities. The FTSE Japan Capped Index is based on the FTSE Japan Index and is designed to measure the performance of Japanese large- and mid-capitalization stocks.

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