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Franklin FTSE Japan ETF (FLJP)

$23.92 -0.02

2,342 Shares Traded
23,118 Average Volume (last 30 days)

As of June 24, 2019 EST IEX Real-Time Price

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Largest Trades on 06-24-2019 (15 Min Delay)

Time of Trade (EST)PriceChange From CloseSize Percent Of Average Day's VolumeChange From ~5 Min Before TradeChange From ~1 Min Before TradeExchange NamePercent of Day's Volume
11:31:00 AM$23.92-0.08%4812.08%Pro OnlyPro OnlyOff Exchange20.54%
11:30:47 AM$23.92-0.08%2210.96%Pro OnlyPro OnlyOff Exchange9.44%
2:34:31 PM$23.93-0.04%2110.91%Pro OnlyPro OnlyOff Exchange9.01%
3:37:56 PM$23.915-0.1%1190.51%Pro OnlyPro OnlyOff Exchange5.08%
9:39:09 AM$23.950.04%1000.43%Pro OnlyPro OnlyOff Exchange4.27%
9:39:09 AM$23.950.04%1000.43%Pro OnlyPro OnlyOff Exchange4.27%
9:50:40 AM$23.93-0.04%1000.43%Pro OnlyPro OnlyNYSE Arca4.27%
10:03:06 AM$23.91-0.13%1000.43%Pro OnlyPro OnlyNYSE Arca4.27%
10:10:10 AM$23.93-0.04%1000.43%Pro OnlyPro OnlyNYSE Arca4.27%
11:31:00 AM$23.92-0.08%1000.43%Pro OnlyPro OnlyOff Exchange4.27%

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Largest Trades By Volume for Market for last 30 minutes

Filter: As of 6/2/19 $1 billion minimum market cap, 50,000 minimum average volume. 15 Minute Delay on Everything *The last 30 minute scan is due to the fact that IEX has 15 minute delay and the fact that our scan runs every 15 minutes. So the last 30 minutes scan is really last 15-30 minutes. Similar thing happens for last 75 min

SymbolPriceChangeTimeAverage VolumeTrade Size
Pro Only $11.514.52%3:57:50 PM13,838,9761,000,000
Pro Only $11.514.52%3:56:17 PM13,838,976668,694
ZNGA$6.01-0.99%3:51:16 PM17,394,703500,000
TWNK$14.22.66%3:40:14 PM1,456,124400,000
FCX$11.3230%3:47:12 PM20,115,569150,000
CCC$14.95-0.13%3:46:17 PM1,284,004146,960
Pro Only $2.522.85%3:57:27 PM10,845,103146,314
MRVL$23.895-0.79%3:44:03 PM10,784,192114,000
KGC$3.934.22%3:51:01 PM9,739,369114,000

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